There’s a steady handful of bands that we at Heavy Blog hold to a collectively high regard as not only musicians, but as all around amazing people, and Maine’s rising stars of prog Last Chance To Reason are one of those bands. Last year, they released a top-10 of 2011 worthy record Level 2, a concept album dripping in existentialism and, as drummer and founding member Evan Sammans put it, a metaphor for the human condition. When I spoke to them late last year, they mentioned that they were already at work on their followup, tentatively titled Level 3. Now, nine months later, the band has completed the writing process and is hitting the studio starting this week to record the new material.

The band are — as of this writing — headed to Florida to record their third album at Audiohammer Studios with producer Eyal Levi (Dååth, Whitechapel, Six Feet Under), and will begin the recording process later this week. Here’s a few statements from the band:

Drummer Evan Sammons says, “We’ve been working on the new album diligently and now we’re headed to Audiohammer to begin tracking with Eyal. We’ve been sending material to Eyal and talking about production techniques and ideas for the album’s tone and things are really clicking. Touring with great bands over the past couple years has really inspired us to up the ante for this release. We’ve grown as songwriters and are embracing our strengths as musicians. We’re doing a concept piece again and we’ll be making sure the music and production suits the story.”

Vocalist Michael Lessard added, “Having Eyal involved has been nothing short of excellent. He understands where we are going with the concept of this album and has only helped strengthen that vision.”

Of course, this is absolutely exciting news! They’ve got new guitarist Mike Abdow involved this time, but unfortunately the band is evidently still without a keyboard player, which likely means that Level 3 will have considerably fewer electronic aspects than Level 2. Even still, LCTR are a phenomenal band and will surely rise to the occasion once again.

It’s actually been a while since I’ve heard Level 2. I think I’ll go and listen to that now. Level 3 (or whatever they end up calling it!) will be out early 2013 on Prosthetic Records.

– JR

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