Extol Film’s cryptic nature is finally revealed through an IndieGoGo site that every single one of you should donate a few bucks to. As I’m writing this article, they’re up to $1,540 of their $20,000 goal which ends on October 23rd. Great start, but your support is still very much needed! On the site, the band goes on to say-

“Extol – a documentary”, is a semibiographical documentary and portrait of the Norwegian christian death metal band Extol. They started their journey back in 1993 and established themself as a highly acclaimed death metal act. In 2007, after 6 studio-releases, Norwegian Grammy award nomination, world wide touring with bands such as Mastodon and Opeth, and recognition with both press and colleagues, the band went off the radar without any further explanation.

It’ll be really interesting to hear from the band about why they dropped off the face of the Earth and why it took until 2011 for them to reconvene and talk about it. As if that’s not enough to get excited about:

More than 5 years later, Extol gets back to it’s original form, producing new material – to a global audience with high expectations. But life looks truly different for the original line-up. The vocalist Peter Espevoll is married and lives in a small town called Svelvik with his wife and two sons. Ole Børud is also married, has several solo projects and is a popular musician for hire. David Husvik is living in the capitol of Norway and is a sought after drummer for several other bands, devoting most of his time on his true passions in life; music and drums. The challenges are lining up for the group that is determined to make “the best death metal album in ages!”

Hey! Remember when I called this six weeks ago? Of course I wrote this post to get everyone to donate to the upcoming Extol Film project and to get excited about the new Extol album, but there’s definitely a small part of me that had to point out that my wild speculation was 95% true (I put too many people in the band. Sue me). Anyway, “The best death metal album in ages” certainly sounds like Extol are putting on their individual ambition caps and headed off to their jobs at Kickass Inc. It’ll be interesting to hear their interpretation of what death metal is, since the band is prone to changing their sound from album to album. Whatever they decide on, I’m sure it’ll be astounding. Now comes the real question; when are they coming to America and who the hell are they going to tour with? Go like Extol on Facebook, follow ’em on Twitter, check out the Film’s site, and donate donate donate!

– GK


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