It’s here! It’s finally here!

And like a small fat child comically waddling down the stairs on Christmas morn, my excitement for the unveiling of the new Bossk track was palpable at this point. Thankfully, the eight minute sludgy masterpiece of ‘Pick- Up Artist‘, which you stream above courtesy of Metal Hammer, lives up to the unrealistic expectations I’d set for it and the cherry on top being that you can download your copy from the band’s website for the grand old price of absolutely nothing.

The track itself is a little more immediate and vocal-centric than the material on the .1 and .2 EPs but there’s no shortage of the band’s signature introspective post-metal in the latter half of the track. Fans of IsisCult Of Luna and related act The Mire would do themselves well to check this UK collective out sooner rather than later.

– DL

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