Revocation are headlining a tour with A Life Once Lost and Ken Mode as support, which is pretty damn cool. Then there’s Scion A/V making this announcement-

Not only are we putting out Revocation’s brand new EP, Teratogenesis, later this month, but we’re also sponsoring their upcoming tour with A Life Once Lost, and KEN mode. Stay tuned to our page for upcoming details and a sweepstakes announcement.

Yes, the EP was titled Invidious as of yesterday and now I’m really confused as well. Don’t bother trying to look up any more information though; there’s nothing aside from copy-and-pastes about the old title. Hell, who knows how long it’ll be called Teratogenesis with two name changes in less than a day. Anyone wanna start a betting pool? With all the lack of information, I feel like Scion A/V made the announcement to leave us hanging and make us go to the tour in hopes of hearing some new tunes. Or even just to get people talking about it in general. Damn their brilliant marketing schemes! Chaos of Forms was one of my top albums in 2011, and Existence is Futile was the best thing of all time in 2009, so I have some pretty high hopes for the new loosely-titled EP.

Tour dates listed below-

* = No KenMode

10/18 Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Champs*
10/19 Quebec City, QC @ L’Union Commercial
10/20 Toronto, ON @ WreckRoom
10/21 Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
10/22 Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
10/23 St Paul, MN @ Station-4
10/24 Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo
10/26 Calgary, AB @ Vern’s
10/27 Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
10/29 Tacoma, WA @ The Lochs
10/30 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon Lounge
10/31 Portland, OR @ Rotture
11/1 San Francisco, CA @ The Sub Mission
11/2 Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar
11/3 Tempe, AZ @ Chaser’s
11/4 El Paso, TX @ House Of Rock
11/5 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
11/6 Austin, TX @ Red 7
11/8 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
11/9 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
11/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung-Fu Necktie
11/11 Albany, NY @ Bogie’s
11/12 New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
11/13 Boston, MA @ Great Scott
11/14 Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
See you in Philly!
– GK

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