It won’t take a fan of A Life Once Lost to appreciate their psychedelic new cover artwork for their upcoming album Ecstatic Trance. First impressions mean everything, and a killer cover can — for better or worse — make or break an album in regards to drawing in new listeners. Assuming I’ve never heard of the band before, I’d be almost obligated to listen to this record based on the stellar artwork alone in the hopes that the music was just as exciting.

Of course, I have heard of A Life Once Lost before, and while I can’t say I’m a fan or anything, I do get a dig or two out of their new track ‘Madness Is God,’ which made its premiere recently. The song is back again with a new lyric video, which you can watch below:

A Life Once Lost’s Ecstatic Trance is due out October 22nd on Season of Mist Records!

– JR

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