We have only talked about the new Kamelot album, Silverthorn, briefly here at HBIH, but things are finally gearing up, and when the time comes I will most definitely be giving the album a full review. I’ve had my doubts about the band ever since Roy Khan departed in April of last year, but those were remedied in part with the announcement that Tommy Karevik  of progressive metal band Seventh Wonder would be taking the vocal reigns. Even still, I had no idea what the dude would sound like in the context of Kamelot’s music, as they are far more symphonic and power-metal-esque than anything Karevik has worked on in the past.

And just as my fears were rising, the band released the first sample from their upcoming release, a small snippet from the song ‘Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)’. The official stream — which you can watch below — only showcases a minute and fifty seconds of this song, but it’s a decent amount, and just enough to get a pretty good impression of the song. I ended up buying the song from iTunes as I wasn’t content to just hear the small amount featured in the YouTube video.

My opinion? It’s quite good. It’s a much heavier sound than Kamelot are used to, but it’s not exactly new territory. It’s still ridiculously cheesy and has that pseudo-operatic atmosphere that comes along with power/prog bands. But hey, cheesy is WHY we listen to this kind of music, right? Tommy Karevik handles his vocal role flawlessly, but the style, intonation, and delivery are pretty damn close to the way Roy Khan handled them. It’s great to listen to, but I was expecting something a bit more different. Oh well. The added vocals of Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) — additional cleans — and Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist) — harsh vocals — are a great touch, even if I’m not a fan of either of their respective bands.

Kamelot‘s Silverthorn comes out October 29th in Europe and October 30th North America. You can pre-order it here. And don’t forget to catch them on their ongoing North American Tour with Nightwish

– EC

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