Put on your thinking caps, kids! It’s time for some Amogh Symphony!

Masterminds Vishal Singh and Jim Richman are eying December to drop the as-of-yet untitled third album. The release will break many necks, overheat several computers, confuse John Petrucci, and compel everyone to practice their respective instrument 27 hours a day. Or maybe stay a little closer to the ambient, fusion-laden, semi-orchestral jam ‘Earth Recycle‘ released in October of 2011. Honestly, I’m hoping for both. It’s obvious they can do it and sound damn good.

Need something to hold you over? What about all the goodies posted on the Amogh Symphony Bandcamp! For starters, there’s the Platinum Edition of 2009’s Abolishing The Obsolete System, which contains the music-only version of 2010’s The Quantum Hack Code as “bonus tracks.”. I’d encourage new fans to check out the narrative version of The Quantum Hack Code first, which outlines the story of a computer-based afterlife (the narratives are the intros to each song). There’s also the 10-minute compilation of orchestral music from each narration on The Quantum Hack Code being sold as a stand-alone track. In true Amogh Symphony fashion, it’s perfect. the piece flows together coherently and might as well have been written by Hans Zimmer.

Watch out for more information on their Facebook page!

– GK

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