Everyone and their mother’s is now aware of the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the immaculate co-headlining tour between Dethklok and Lamb of God with special guests Gojira that was suppose to take place in September. Randy Blythe was incarcerated for a few weeks and well the whole thing fell apart.

Lamb of God has since announced a new tour to make up for it, but my Jimmies were still rustled by the lack of Dethklok. Luckily for me and all the Klokheads — as I will now be referring to fans of the band — there appears to be a rumor floating around that a new Dethklok tour is in the works.  Rumor has it that support will be coming from Machine Head (A), The Black Dahlia Murder (A+), and unfortunately All that Remains (F–).

Even though that last placement is a bit of a downer, it would still be a sweet show. You could catch TBDM, go outside for a smoke while All That Remains embarrasses themselves on stage, and then come back to catch the other good parts of the show.

I’m normally not one to bash bands, but I think it is pretty clear that the only thing that remains for All That Remains is shit.

So yeah, hopefully this turns out to be more than a rumor, because I have not had the chance to see Dethklok live, and I’m looking forward to it.

[via The PRP]

– EC


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