Everyone seems to love The Acacia Strain, but I never saw the thrill. From my perspective, they’re only a rung or two up the latter from Emmure in terms of musical depth and monotony. Can someone explain the difference between the two bands, other than the fact The Acacia Strain are just generally not unpleasant people? It’s just chugging and breakdowns, right? I get the need for angry groove, but there are so many bands that do more with the sound.

With that in mind, the band’s new track ‘Victims of the Cave’ is a step up for the band, and it appears that they’ve discovered the rest of the fretboard and decided that more than a couple of notes per song just wasn’t cutting it anymore. There are actually riffs and melodies, which is certainly a step up from Wormwood, which featured a track that was essentially the band continually breaking down a breakdown. I dunno, I hate to be negative, but I calls em as I sees em. Feel free to convince me otherwise in the comments. I’ll keep an open mind.

The Acacia Strain’s Death Is The Only Mortal is due out October 9th on Rise Records, of all places.

– JR


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