I can’t remember any specific headlining The Faceless tour that hit a big scale. I’m sure they’ve existed, but nothing sticks out in my mind immediately. With their third album Autotheism now under their belt, I’m sure they’re feeling it’s time to taste some more of this headlining business. They’re planning on doing just that this year, and they’re “thinking” of bringing along Fleshgod Apocalypse and The HAARP Machine so far. I shouldn’t have to tell you why this tour already breeds excellence.

On top of this tease posted on Facebook, they’re also asking fans who they would like to also be on the bill. Really, it would take a catastrophic pick to derail this already amazing billing, so I can only imagine the billing getting sweeter. Go throw down some of your picks for the tour, and make em good. If this tour actually comes to fruition, we’ll let you know!

– JR

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