Attention Southern California residents, are you looking for an awesome and affordable show to go to that you will probably not remember afterwards? Then the Long Beach Rock Party is the place to go. All ages to party, 21+ to drink. No genres are held back, with hardcore bands like No Bragging Rights and Jamie’s Elsewhere, metal bands such asAnimals As Leaders and Sea Of Treachery, with special DJ sets provided by rising electro/dubstep/house music star Big Chocolate and the infamous man behind Hunter Moore, among over 100+ other local acts.

Yes, you read that right. 100+ is quite a number. But it’s worth going to for the diverse headliners alone. The event features ten stages separated by music genres, five inside and five outside. Going from 10:30am-2am, rain or shine, it’s almost 24 hours of non-stop action. On top of the bands, there will be a couple bars, a giant pool in the middle of the outside stages, vendors, and food supplied by the food trucks and the hotel. But there will be an In-N-Out next door, so you know the business already. And you have the marina in front of the hotel! Although I have yet to experience this, it’s already sounding like a Warped Tour-ish type of show, but with more bands and acts.

Headlining the entire venture is experimental/progressive metal band Animals As Leaders, who have just released their new album Weightless. While it may seem that putting an instrumental band as a headliner is risky, I assure you that their live set will be one to remembered. I could put it into words, but I think fellow writer Alkahest explains the selling point of one of 2011’s biggest albums quite accurately.

Next up is one of pop punks biggest bands Set Your Goals. Having eight solid years into the music circuit, SYG is one of pop punks most influential bands today. Unlike most pop punk bands today, they actually retain most of the punk sound in with songs like “Exit Summer” and songs that exhibit their take on blending in melodic hardcore into their network like  “Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man),” they are expected to make a lot of people move in what is sure to be a memorable set.

Following a short hiatus, melodic deathcore/metalcore band Sea Of Treachery have been taking the country back by storm. Following their last album Wonderland, which was released on the now defunct Blkheart label, they have reunited with the lineup from their first record At Daggers Drawn and touring up a storm. While in between both records they went on hiatus before as well, but now with their newly scheduled plans on recording and touring, it looks like another hiatus is very unlikely. Which is great, considering that they are an awesome band. It is rumored that they are coming out with a new EP and a full length in 2013.

Former Blkheart labelmates No Bragging Rights will be playing as well. This melodic hardcore band led by Mike Perez (who also released a solo EP earlier this year), they are known for their high energy sets. Going thirteen years strong, they have had plenty of time to finesse their craft into a true to life experience. They have recently signed a deal with eOne Music and their brand new album Cycles will be released on 10/16/12.

Although they have largely been out of the spotlight in the last two years, post-hardcore band Jaime’s Elsewhere will be playing as well. They have just released the Reimagined EP that contains re-worked songs from their past catalogue into the current age of today. Vocalist Aaron Pauley was actually with Of Mice & Men this year on Warped Tour and it was feared that they were no more, but that was quickly put to rest when they released they are recording a brand new album with producer Nick Sampson, who is also the lead guitarist in I Am Abomination. The boys at Jamie’s Elsewhere will provide a fun show, I know this because this will be my third time seeing them.

Now what about the DJ’s? Well this show has not one, but two high rising DJ’s that will be doing their thing (I presume during the night?) Big Chocolate is one hell of a electronic artist as well as a DJ and will no doubt be kicking the entire show up a notch with his unique blend of electro, drum-and-bass, house, and dubstep, among his other influences. He will be coming out with his highly anticipated second full length album Red Headed Locc on 9/14/12. He is also known as the guy behind Disfiguring The Goddess, who has just released the Sleeper EP and one half of Commissioner, a electronic group he made with Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker. You can read my interview I had with him regarding DTG here on MEB.

And finally we come to one of the most controversial men of the second decade of the 21st century, Hunter Moore. His rise was chronicled in the now-defunct site, but his fall hasn’t been evident whatsoever. He still continues to post fan-submitted nudes on his Tumblr page, playing shows all around the nation (a quick Youtube search will show just how crazy they can get), and selling merch. But he has been talking of making an IAU2, which details have been few and far in between. Basing off of his interview, it’s rumored to be a reality type of show where he films his shows and live appearances into live social networking. Whether you love him or hate him, his live set is not to be missed if you like to have fun.

Be sure to come on out. You can get your tickets here where they start at a measly $17! They are also still looking for bands to come out and play. If you are in a band and are interested, please contact [email protected] for more information. Follow me on Twitter here and I will be posting all of the bands that will be playing as I learn about them. For more information, be sure to like and RSVP at the Facebook event page here.

Address for the venue is:
6400 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90803

– RB


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