We’re just barely getting over Periphery II in our weekly spins and the band are wasting no time at all in writing their next record! As we all know, Periphery have quite a back catalog of demos and ideas to elaborate on for future material. Spencer Sotelo is doing just that, demoing vocal ideas for a new song that is still on the drawing board. The preview of the track, above, features Sotelo doing a Jonathan Davis-like harsh skat (‘Freak on a Leash’ anyone?), which sounds incredibly well done. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes the skat stays; I love it when bands branch out and I’m sure Periphery would excel if they took more chances.

Perhaps we’ll hear the song in its entirety on their next record? It’ll be a year or two before we find out, but at any rate, I’m excited.

– JR


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