Floridian death metal is legendary by this stage of the game, so it’s good to hear that the place is still churning it out, most recently in the form of Abiotic. Havingb just been signed to Metal Blade records, the band is set to release their debut Symbiosis on October 23rd and naturally the previews have started rolling out with ‘To Burgeon And Languish‘ being the latest teaser.

It certainly does its homeplace proud, as this is about as sleek and modern as death metal can be at this point. There are elements of tech, core and even melody all vying for space and bringing to mind acts like Fallujah and Ascariasis — thankfully the transitions are quite smooth and it never feels like anything was patched together unnecessarily. While it’s not the first we’ve seen of the band (you can watch their video for another track ‘Vermosapien‘ here!), I’m glad I finally caught on, because even though the beginning of 2012 had its fair share of brutal death metal, it started to slow down a little over the summer period and Symbiosis looks like it could finally fill that gap!

– DL


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