Grimey blackened hardcore group Dragged Into Sunlight are one of the most fascinating live bands I’ve ever seen, and their stage presence is no doubt as dark and intense as their recorded music. Their 2010 debut Hatred for Mankind was heavy in both musical brutality and emotion. Their debut was re-issued last year by Prosthetic Records, and since then, the band has reached acclaim and a great deal of hype.

Now, all eyes in extreme metal are on Dragged Into Sunlight as they are set to release their sophomore record Widowmaker. A press-release of sorts (above) was posted to the band’s Facebook page, and it captures the bleakness that the band have promised. Widowmaker contains three tracks, clocking in at 40-minutes. Here’s a cut from Prosthetic’s own press release:

“Widowmaker” was produced by Tom Dring during three recording sessions over the course of two years and includes additional guitars by an unnamed member of UK cult metal band Bossk. The grueling 40-minute, three-track album has been described by the band as “everything heavier and everything louder than everything else” with “an oppressing overtone of complete misery, depression, and isolation” in true DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT form.

Widowmaker sounds absolutely devastating and I can’t wait to hear it. More information will become available in the coming weeks. Widowmaker is due out November 6th on Prosthetic Records.

– JR


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