The HAARP Machine have announced their debut record Disclosure to be released October 16th.

Remember when I told you about this in late July? Well now I’m even more excited. The album trailer is up and we’ve finally gotten a glimpse of the impending perfection. It’s a little early to call this one of the best albums of 2012, but it’s entirely possible given the musicianship and overall writing ability of the band. Oh, and just in case those two new guys look familiar, they’re vocalist Mike Semesky (ex-Vestascension, Ordinance, Rest Among Ruins) and drummer Alex Rüdinger (ex-Threat Signal, Ordinance). All aboard the excitebike!

So what about the track list? If you pause the video right around 2:36 (good luck), there are a few frames of a board with seven tracks listed. They’re shortened names of the full songs, but three of them are ‘The Escapist Notion,’ ‘Pleiadian Keys,’ and ‘Esoteric Agenda.’ The other four are ‘Disclosure,’ ‘Machines,’ ‘Vanity‘ and ‘I TP‘ (or ‘1 TP‘). If you can properly identify those songs in the comment section below, I will personally reward you by reading your comment. There looks like there’s more above ‘Disclosure,’ so don’t cry that it’ll be too short of an album.

Keep up with the band on their Facebook page for some pre-order information and maybe some tunes to hold us over.

– GK

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