We’ve got over a month of waiting until we get to hear the latest opus from progressive metal acolytes Between the Buried and Me, so anticipation as at an all time high. The latest bit of fanboy excitement comes from a recent interview that bassist Dan Briggs did with Absolute Punk (conducted late August), where it is mentioned that a video for the track ‘Astral Body’ is to be made available “in the next month.” Elsewhere on the web in an interview with Superskum, guitarist Paul Waggoner also confirms the music video, adding that it’s being directed by drummer Blake Richardson’s brother. It will likely be made available in the coming weeks before the release of The Parallax II: Future Sequence.

In other Future Sequence news, it seems the band picked up on everyone’s displeasure of the concept from The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues being so vague (we tried our best to outline it here). Dan promises the story to Future Sequence will be much easier for fans to follow:

[Future Sequence] picks up where [Hypersleep Dialogues] left off. The first EP is really just introducing you to the characters and the situation, sort of. It’s all pretty vague I think, which is pretty cool because we’re able to really expand on it on the full-length. We made a conscious effort with the full-length to look at the artwork for each song and very clearly be able to tell what’s going on with the lyrics and everything is clearly written out. You can get a good understanding of what is happening. We just had to explain a lot when we were doing interviews on the EP about exactly what was going on and everything seemed a little dense and a little hard to understand. It’s all laid out now. As far as musically, it’s very much its own thing. There’s two themes that are carried over to the album that will be painfully obvious to people [‘Goodbye to Everything’ being one of them – Ed]. Other than that, we were excited to have a blank slate to just really start fresh and go nuts on.

Excellent! The story’s clarity should make the *prognotes article easier to write. Dan also adds in some information regarding the lyrical themes of ‘Telos’ and how it fits into the story:

Once people get their hands on the record and they zero in on where “Telos” is in that story, it’s just a weird spot. I really — in the back of my head — was hoping we would write something that I would think was kind of theatrical progressive metal, like rock opera type thing. It’s definitely our closest thing yet. That whole section when Tommy is singing, he’s singing as a female. The wife of one of the characters is kind of reflecting, so he is very much sunk into a character. And there’s a lot of times in the record where it is like that. It’s very personal, but through the eyes of other people. I feel like writing like that is a good way to help people connect through a story that is sci-fi and kind of abstract. It has this element that has this very personal inner turmoil type of drama.

I can hardly contain my excitement for this release. The Parallax II: Future Sequence is due out October 9th on Metal Blade Records.

– JR


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