Hardcore punk and hip-hop aren’t normally the closest bedfellows, but here on Trash Talk‘s upcoming album 119, those two worlds collide.

But not as you might think. There’s no rapping on new track ‘F.E.B.N‘ and as far as I know there’s no mention of it appearing on 119 at all, however it is the first release on Odd Future Records (a subsidiary of Sony) to not feature any member of the aforementioned hip-hop collective. Regardless of my thoughts on the group, it’s clear they saw that Trash Talk are one of the most exciting hardcore groups around today, especially when it comes to live shows and definitely brings up the interesting question of whether they’d continue to sign on acts of a similar vein in the future.

Despite any of the circumstances surrounding the release, it’s fair to say ‘F.E.B.N’ gives off a good impression and suggests that 119 will be the searing hardcore we’ve come to expect. You can grab your copy when it drops October 9th.

– DL

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