San Francisco/North Bay progressive deathcore unit, Ænimus have teamed up with Heavy Blog is Heavy to unleash a brand new track entitled ‘Inertia‘, from their forthcoming as of yet untitled debut album. The band also released a teaser video clip earlier this week featuring lead guitarist Brian ‘Deebs’ James playing through one of the solos from the song. Check out the video at this location.


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First thing you will notice if you’re familiar with the band is that it isn’t as fast or as frantic as their past tracks. ‘Inertia‘ keeps at a strong and steady pace. The guitars are slightly technical and it keeps at a Meshuggah style of riffs, but slower. The core side of the band becomes more dominant as the past tracks were more metal based, but if all this core talk turns you off, then you need to check out the awesome solos played. Matt tends to use the higher end range of his voice throughout the song. There are also a few random progressive surprises to be had as well.

Brian had the following to say about the writing process for the song and a bit of what fans can expect from the full length:

“I am beyond excited to finally release a hint of what is to come and hope everyone enjoys! ‘Inertia’ was written with an experimental mindset as well as the strong intention of straying away from predictable things many bands tend to do nowadays. I feel like the song turned out exactly how we all imagined which fills me with satisfaction! If one were to base this song off of what the rest of the album is like, I’d say you took an axe to the tip of the ice berg and then just a little bit there’s still some curve balls too. We’re anxiously waiting to show everyone all of this music we’ve been working on over the past couple years and look forward to releasing it very, very soon.”


Ænimus are currently wrapping up the recording process for their debut album at NB Recording in Santa Rosa, CA with Producer Nick Botelho (Deadly Remains, The Kennedy Veil). A release date has not been set, though the band plans to release it sometime later this year.
The track list for the upcoming album is as follows:
I.    Asherah’s Hourglass
II.   The Awakening
III.  The Grasp of Ruin
IV.   Masterpiece
V.    Descent Into Chaos
VI.   Black Malice Construct
VII.  Black Malice Alchemy
VIII. Thrive
IX.   Heavy Lies the Crown
X.    Inertia
XI.   Convictions
XII.  The Final Delirium
– RB

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