Details are beginning to roll in from the Pig Destroyer camp in regards to the long-awaited new album Book Burner! First off, the album’s teaser trailer that features an unnamed new track has been made available, and you can check that out below:

The tracklist has also surfaced alongside the teaser. Book Burner will run through a very grind-appropriate 19 tracks in the standard edition. A deluxe edition will also be available with a second disc featuring a array of cover tracks. Check it:

Disc 1: Book Burner
1. Sis
2. The American’s Head
3. The Underground Man
4. Eve
5. The Diplomat
6. All Seeing Eye
7. Valley of the Geysers
8. Book Burner
9. Machiavellian
10. Baltimore Strangler
11. White Lady
12. The Bug
13. Iron Drunk
14. Burning Palm
15. Dirty Knife
16. Totaled
17. Kamikaze Heart
18. King of Clubs
19. Permanent Funeral

Disc 2: “Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding” (Deluxe Editions Only)
1. Depression (Black Flag)
2. Wolfs Blood (Misfits)
3. Lights Out (Angry Samoans)
4. Can’t Tell No One (Negative Approach)
5. Deny Everything (Circle Jerks)
6. Betray (Minor Threat)
7. Who Are You? (Void)

Pre-orders are also available over at the Relapse Records webstore, including shirts, CDs, vinyl, and cassettes (?!). Book Burner will be out October 22nd on Relapse Records!

– JR


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