Rising UK tech-metallers Brave The Moment, who you may remember from when we shared with you some of their debut EP back in March, recently released a new track ‘False Prophet‘ from their upcoming studio album Phantasmagorium and, in keeping with the Heavy Blog mantra of ‘better late than never’, we bring you the update only a month after it saw the light of day!


The above track shows off the band’s equally tech-y and melodic meanderings perfectly and ranges from Protest The Hero style intricacies to purely brutal beatdowns, all in a matter of minutes. It also features new vocalist Jack Delany, who recently joined the band in conjunction with his work in Hertfordshire deathcore/metalcore act The Eyes Of A Traitor and proves himself to be an excellent fit. Unfortunately though, this silver lining contains a cloud that comes in form of news that drummer Murray Rawson has left the group to concentrate on session work and other non-touring pursuits. The band are searching for a replacement, so if you’re in the UK and think you’d be a good fit, be sure to contact them through their Facebook page to get the details. And if you’re not a drummer, like the page anyway!

– DL

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