Circle of Contempt’s final mixes for the upcoming release are in!

Which makes me wonder; who listens to Circle of Contempt? Their 2009 debut Artifacts in Motion wasn’t exactly a chart topper for Sumerian, though it deserved to be. It’s well-written technical metal played to perfection by a band of young kids at the time. Keep in mind this is when Sumerian becoming popular, having big releases in ’08 with Veil of Maya‘s The Common Man’s Collapse, After The Burial‘s Rareform and The FacelessPlanetary Duality.

Now it’s time for a follow up which I’m sure will be great. Not sure? Find out for yourself in the studio updates below! Each one has a snippet of new tunes that sound refreshingly original and ridiculously heavy. Watch their Facebook for news regarding the release, as well as a single that the band encourages fans to annoy out of Sumerian via wall posts.

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

– GK


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