I used to be a massive All That Remains fan. Ever since I heard ‘Six’ on Guitar Hero 2 and subsequently bought The Fall of Ideals, they fell into my heart and graces for the next few years. I still maintain that The Fall of Ideals is one of the best metalcore records. However, not too long after Overcome‘s record cycle, I fell off the wagon and have been thoroughly unimpressed with their generic formula ever since. It’s like they stopped writing passionate jams that were both intensely melodic and heavy and instead litter their albums with potential moneymakers.

I never really expect them to return to form, but I still get curious. Their new single ‘Stand Up’ was recently made available, and it’s the same track you’ve heard from the band time and time again; it’s boring and uninspired mid-tempo radio rock, maybe gaining a bit of momentum at best during the solo section. Where did it all go? I miss songs like ‘The Weak Willed,’ man.

In the off-chance you still care, you can listen to the track below. Their new album A War You Cannot Win is due out November 6th via Prosthetic/Razor & Tie.

– JR

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