Neurosis’ Honor Found in Decay finally has a face!

Just take a moment and appreciate that artwork. The blurry items in the background give away that the central figure is probably pretty small. Maybe it’s a relic or burnt offering of some sort? Now really take a look at the background… is that someone’s bedroom in dimmer lighting? If so, what are we to assume the central figure is? Odd, but here we are talking about it, so artist Josh Graham has masterfully worked his brilliance. Done up in bleaker colors it could even be a gravesite of someone’s pet hamster in a 90’s claymation Tim Burton film, because it’s always something weird like that.

Ridiculous musings aside, Honor Found in Decay’s track list was also released along with the artwork-

1. We All Rage In Gold
2. At The Well
3. My Heart For Deliverance
4. Bleeding The Pigs
5. Casting Of The Ages
6. All Is Found… In Time
7. Raise The Dawn

All this writing and one-sided discussion only makes me want the album more. Is it October 30th yet?

– GK

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