Everyones favorite hardcore/metal act Converge, have just made their soon to be skull-crushing full-length album, All We Love We Leave Behind, available for pre-order via Kingsroadmerch, with plenty of bundle packages to choose from, including a limited edition deluxe cd in a hardcover, clothbound book with an embossed silver foil cover. And for you vinyl junkies, a limited edition vinyl is also available on frontman Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish Inc. label. I made sure to snag one of these beauties to call my own before they sell out, which they no doubt will.

The album was recorded and mixed by guitarist Kurt Ballou (who never disappoints), with the rest of the band helping out in other aspects of the production. No fake distortion, no triggered drums, and no outside collaborations, this new album is pure Converge. And after listening to this new song, as well as recently seeing them perform a few of the new tunes live, it’s safe to say that Converge have once again captured their raw/chaotic power, and are prepared to give us what I believe will be one of the best (and my most anticipated) albums of the year. Mark my words.

All We Love We Leave Behind will be unleashed October 9th on Epitaph Records, and be sure to catch them on their upcoming tour. Now sit back and enjoy the video (directed by Max Moore) for the opening track “Aimless Arrow”. Rage!

All We Love We Leave Behind Deluxe Edition track-listing:
01 Aimless Arrow
02 Trespasses
03 Tender Abuse
04 Sadness Comes Home
05 Empty on the Inside
06 Sparrow’s Fall
07 Glacial Pace
08 No Light Escapes (bonus)
09 Vicious Muse
10 Veins and Vails
11 Coral Blue
12 Shame in the Way
13 On My Shield (bonus)
14 Precipice
15 All We Love We Leave Behind
16 Runaway (bonus)
17 Predatory Glow

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrcY9I-BbjM]- DA

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