With the announcement of their new album I AM a couple of weeks ago, Becoming the Archetype sampled their new single ‘The Time Bender‘ and promised fans the whole track once the sample was spread around online. It wasn’t too long until the full track was unlocked, but we’re apparently asleep at the wheel over here at Heavy Blog and we totally missed it. You can check out the lyric video below:


Jumping ahead to this week, yet another new track has also been made available! ‘The Eyes of the Storm‘ can be streamed below:


So we’re two tracks in and it’s pretty clear where the direction of the album will go. I AM will have more emphasis on heavier riffs for the band, a while it’s certainly not the heaviest material they’ve ever done (despite the band’s claims), it still seems to pack more punch than Celestial Completion. I’ll be interested in hearing the rest for sure.

Becoming the Archetype’s I AM is due out September 18th on Solid State Records.

– JR


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