Bandcamp is the new gold standard of music distribution. It’s a tried and true platform for not only independent artists who want to sell their music, but for music listeners who are looking to find their next musical discovery. It really is a godsend for everyone involved in the world of music, making the ‘try before you buy’ streaming and ‘pay what you want’ business model more user friendly and widely available to all. Pretty much every musician these days uses the service, and for some reason, I can’t seem to take those that don’t seriously; it’s like, why even try if you’re not on Bandcamp?

In the past year or so, Bandcamp has made mounds of improvement, adding in an avenue in which artists can also sell merch and physical media like CDs and vinyl. A common complaint was that the site wasn’t mobile-friendly, but now that isn’t even an issue any longer. Bandcamp has recently launched their mobile-optimized site, making music on the site that much more accessible to those with smart phones. Since they made the change, Bandcamp staff reports on their blog that mobile purchases have doubled. Although — let’s be honest — why buy the music when you can just load up the page on your phone and take it with you anyway? Even still, it’s apparently working on improving sales and end-user accessibility is key in today’s market, so good on ya, Bandcamp.

For more information, you can check out the details on Bandcamp’s blog.

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