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Bad news, guys. German hardcore group Alpinist are going on a break, citing personal reasons and the possibility of losing their friendship. Here is an official statement from their Facebook:

hey punks,

we’re making it short: alpinist is taking a break.

personal reasons led us to this hard decision. but we feel that the reason we have spent the last five years and almost 300 shows together, named friendship, was close to be falling apart and we had to make compromises to keep this band running. we need some time to talk about everything and will definitely be back at some point in t he future.

all upcoming shows are cancelled. we are really sorry for that.

for now we can just say thank you for all the support you’ve showed us within the last almost six years and especially on the last tour which has been unbelievably amazing. we couldn’t have had a better time. THANK YOU!

we will definitely be back!

alpinist is, was and will always be

julian, hendrik, benny, flo

Everyone can understand that. While I’ve never been in a touring band, I have no doubts that touring and being an established act can be quite taxing on a friendship. I hope that they are able to resolve their issues soon so that, at the very least, they are able to keep their friendship. And in the meantime, Alpinist has given us numerous recordings to leave a great legacy OR to tide us over until they reform.

Check out Alpinist’s Bandcamp for three of their recordings, including their amazing split with Masakari, which I gave a 4.5/5.

– GR




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