The Chariot – One Wing

The Chariot are one of the few bands where you can feel the emotion they put into their music as much live as on their records. They are constantly referred to as one of the greatest live act in music and their fans are every bit as rabid and unpredictable as they are. Seeing The Chariot live is nothing short of a gift and a privilege, because the experience they give their fans is unlike anything experienced before. Their latest offering, One Wing, capitalizes on the successful quartet of albums that came before it not only by refining their signature brand of hardcore, but also expanding on it and adding elements many people would have never though would end up on one of their records. Just as frontman Josh Scogin said, “let’s get weird.”

Devin Townsend: Productivity and the Urge for Understanding — The HBIH Interview [Part One]

They say you should never meet your heroes, because it will only shatter the image of them that you have built up inside your head. For a long time I followed this rule, and I avoided interviews with musicians I really admire — Arjen Lucassen and Ihsahn, to name a few — but when given the opportunity to interview Devin Townsend, a man whose music has literally saved my life in the past, I couldn’t resist. I knew full well that I wouldn’t be able to be one-hundred percent professional, not in this situation, but I tried my darnedest not to resign to my go to attitude — that of a squealing school girl.

But like I said, you should never meet your heroes, because you may realize that the dude you’ve been praising in your head isn’t the all-knowing and god-like figure you held them up to be. You may realize that he’s just a regular dude; with just as many insecurities and hang ups as you. You may find that his productivity isn’t a sign of his ability to churn out masterpieces with a snap of his fingers, but rather the result of a work ethic that has to continue, lest his dreams fall through. So yes, you should never meet your heroes because you may realize that you, and him, are on the same level. And well…well, to be honest, that’s a spectacular reason to meet your heroes…

Bandcamp Goes Mobile

Bandcamp is the new gold standard of music distribution. It’s a tried and true platform for not only independent artists who want to sell their music, but for music listeners who are looking to find their next musical discovery. It really is a godsend for everyone involved in the world…

Anaal Nathrakh Announce East Canadian Tour

Purveyors of epic blackened grindcore Anaal Nathrakh are not only working on their new album, but they’ve made the promise to play more shows than usual. This is a big deal, as Annal Nathrakh are a bit of a rarity outside of the festival circuit in Europe. I suppose the demand for the British apocalyptic harbingers is at an all-time high, and their gaining popularity is putting them more at ease with more extensive touring.

This November, the band is flying out to eastern Canada for a trek of headlining dates.

Kvelertak Hit The Studio With Kurt Ballou

Everyone’s favorite Norwegian party-starters Kvelertak really blew up in the metal scene when they released their self titled debut album in 2010. Produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou and featuring brilliant cover art by Baroness’ Jon Baizley, Kvelertak mixed rock and roll, hardcore punk, and black metal to create an intoxicating and catchy as hell set of tunes that sounded like it came from Andrew WK in corpse paint. The album was acclaimed by many (us included!) and they’ve gathered a large amount of buzz as a phenomenal live band over the last couple of years as well.

Now Kvelertak are making their return with their sophomore album, and they’re once again recording with Kurt Ballou at his very own Godcity Studios!

This Week In Heavy [Week of August 28th, 2012]

  You guys asked for it, and now it’s back! Your weekly rundown of new releases (for North America anyway) will continue every Monday morning. How timely, considering it’s one of the biggest release days we’ve seen in a while! A Tragedy In Progress – Mechanical Weather (Indianola) Beardfish -…