We’ve grown and been through a lot the past three years since Heavy Blog started back in 2009. We’ve got over 3k likes on Facebook (which you should definitely give a Like!) and we snatch a respectable 5-6k page views per day and rising, so we’d like to say thank you to those who come, read what we have to say, and discuss with us in the comments. Obviously, we’re not done growing yet, and we’d like to know what you would like to see out of us!

Tired of the white text on black background and want us to make a change? Want more news and less blog-esque editorialization? More formal tone? More informal tone? A wider spectrum of musical interest? A new feature or function you’d like to see? Let us know what you want or what you’d change about the site and we’ll seriously consider your opinions! After all, you dudes are the readers, so your thoughts are highly regarded. It can even be negative criticism, so long as it’s constructive. We can’t fix issues unless we know about them, so here’s your chance!

Also, feel free to ask us anything. Curious about the goings on behind the scenes? Hell, just ask and we’ll be open and honest with you!

Unfortunately, no amount of griping is going to stop us from bumming Devin Townsend and BTBAM every week. You’re just gonna have to live with it. And yes, This Week Is Heavy is coming back next week.

– JR

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Editor and founder of Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Social worker. Only doing this bio because of internal pressure to comply.

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