Metal video megasite Metal Injection just did something that is really cool. Building on the staff’s experiences with livestreams, podcasts, and hosting radio professionally (Rob’s got his own show on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal), Metal Injection have launched their new feature Metal Injection FM. It’s a pretty awesome idea for sure, playing a spectrum of new and “old” metal from all relevant genres as well as syndicating a selection of podcasts, including Relapse Records, Hand Ov Doom, Return to the Pit, and of course, the Metal Injection Livecast.

The site is still in beta at the moment and I am experiencing issues with actually connecting to the stream, but I really like this idea and could see myself using it regularly. Hopefully as they grow and move forward with Metal Injection FM, they can get an even greater variety of shows and music available. I have my hopes on Full Metal Jackie, myself.

Check it out for yourself and look at the schedule. You may not be able to connect, but that’s what beta’s for. Gotta work out the kinks!

[via Metalsucks]

– JR

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