A Life Once Lost were one of those bands I’ve been a lazy dick about. You know, those bands that you’ve always heard about but never really got around to hearing for yourself? I’ve got many of them on my list and until today A Life Once Lost was among them. Their new song ‘Madness Is God’ is streaming over on the band’s Facebook, and there’s a lot of hype surrounding the track and the band’s forthcoming album Ecstatic Trance. A Like is required to hear the track (boo!), but it isn’t bad at all. In fact, I quite like what I’m hearing. The song’s fairly simple (one or two riffs tops), but the song grooves for days and is pretty catchy. Go and give it a spin if you don’t mind pressing buttons and approving of music before you’ve heard it.

If the new track is any indication, I’ll have to hear the rest of Ecstatic Trance when it comes out October 23rd on Season of Mist Records.

– JR


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