Second Hand Wonderland

01. Sock ‘n’ Doll
02. Falling
03. Monkey Boy
04. U Say What
05. The Butterfly Defect
06. Rasputin
07. Bad Betrayer
08. Adrenalin
09. Hocus Pocus
10. Raise Me Up
11. Hey DJ!
12. Police


A while ago, I grabbed Kontrust’s latest album called Second Hand Wonderland and forgot about it. Going back, I noticed it on my iPod and pushed play. I had no idea what to expect from this crossover metal band. Crossover can be a broad term when applying it to any genre, as it means to adapt a musical style by blending elements from two or more genres to create a whole new beast. The first song ‘Sock ‘n’ Doll,’ alone combines groove metal, funk, electronica, reggae, and sparse interjections of other flavors into their big pot of crazy.

Put on your lederhosen and get ready for a good time. In case if you haven’t heard of them, Kontrust are one of the top Dutch bands out there, hailing from Austria. If you couldn’t tell from their music, they are all about having fun while getting down with the best in the business. Sweeping melodies, the dual male and female vocals, and Primus-esque bass riffs brings out the luster in Second Hand Wonderland. The amazing vocals by the lovely Agata Jarosz is the white light in the rainbow of insanity that has helped these poker faced gents stay somewhat in line and not go completely over the deep end of experimentation. Though, they most certainly walk the fine line of experimentation.

Anyone, from the casual rock listener to the most dedicated heavy metal enthusiast can find something to enjoy here. It’s also laden with a lot of humor, as evidenced by the song ‘Monkey Boy,’ which is about Ménage à trios (the French term for a gentlemanly threesome). Easily one of the stand out tracks on the album, the chorus is “Monkey boy, I like your magic toy, this is my greatest joy, it makes me uahaha-uaha.” There’s even a slowed down vocal tutorial near the end in case you wonder how it’s done.

The intros to ‘Rasputin’ and ‘Adrenalin’ are of traditional Dutch big band music, and by this point one who takes the time to listen to this album thoroughly can truly admire the imagination and creativeness that Kontrust has by throwing in so many elements. ‘Rasputin’ brings to mind as what Rammstein might sound like if they got rid of the industrial part of their sound and opted instead for normal metal instruments. The electronic sections that are placed sporadically throughout this release also vary, from sultry trance to dance/rave electronica. There’s no dubstep in here, in case you were wondering. Overall, it’s an excellent and varied album that showcases a wide multitude of genres in a single album. This is for the more adventurous kinds of people that don’t like sticking to single genres at a time.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf–ISBmLno&w=560&h=315]

Kontrust – Second Hand Wonderland gets…


– RB


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