It goes without saying at this point. You all know we love the shit out of Devin Townsend and everything he does, and you’re likely familiar with how last year’s Deconstruction dominated many of our best-of lists. Forget the over-use of the word; Deconstruction was an EPIC record in length and musical depth, and part of what made the record so excellent was its use of real orchestra and real choir.

For those fellow music nerds who share their love in the Cult of Townsend, you can bid on a signed Deconstruction choir score that was used in the recording process. It’s listed at Hevy Devy Records’ official eBay account, so the money goes directly to him and his family. As of this writing (12:30 pm EST), I’m currently the top bidder. Though, since there’s five days left to bid and I know it’ll end up being too much for my wallet to handle in due course, it’s good to spread the word and make sure Devin and his family (his wife Tracy runs the store) get as much support as possible so Devin can keep entertaining us.

If you’re looking for some sweet unique music memorabilia and be the envy of internet metal nerds everywhere, go and bid on the Deconstruction choir score. If that’s not for you, then check out their eBay store for some other cool Devy swag.

– JR

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