Victim of Suffering

01. Decline

02. The Agonies Of Death

03. Scorched Earth

04. Fragmented Flesh

[Self Released]

As if Gaza, Xibalba and a forthcoming Converge record wasn’t enough dark hardcore/chaotic metalcore to supplement fans of all things raw and harrowing, Californian newcomers Harness have given us a bitesized chunk of material that stacks up against their influences. Quite a feat for such a young band and even more impressive is that all we have to judge them by is a four track EP. The EP is very reminiscent of Gaza’s latest effort No Absolutes For Human Suffering, but with more of an emphasis on punchy riffs and stop-go vocals. Essentially it’s Gaza if they played a more straight forward type of hardcore.

Victims of Suffering starts off with a deafening bout of feedback and an accompanying riff that sets the stage for the ensuing 12 minutes. In the small amount of time, Harness encapsulate every ‘trope’ of hardcore without anything sounding shoehorned in or generic. Dissonant chords, tribal drum breaks, sing-along worthy one liners, you name it; Harness have got you covered.

Despite being hardcore on paper, it doesn’t feel like a release that can comfortably sit with the staple hardcore brand circa Terror, Grave Maker, Lionheart etc. The anger presented here is more desperate  and introspective than the typical hardcore records which sets it apart just enough to let it sit between the usual ‘Unity and Brotherhood’ theme so much hardcore preaches and the sheer emotive onslaught of bands like Converge and Gaza. It’s a great little release and well worth checking out. You can stream the whole EP over on their Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Harness – Victim of Suffering gets…


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