UPDATE: Oops. Looks like Devin wasn’t supposed to post the video yet. Via twitter:

Sorry about the vid gone private folks, miscommunication between me and everyone else in my world and I’ll gladly take the heat for it. =|

If you got to hear it, then lucky you! If not, you’ll have to wait a while. Sorry!

When I checked my news feed this morning, I could not believe it. Here we are a month ahead of its release, and Devin Townsend has created this “listening party” of sorts on YouTube featuring Epicloud in its entirety with Devin’s commentary. You can pretend he’s right next to you explaining the album! While the commentary makes it hard to hear every detail of the record, it’s still a unique gesture on behalf of Devin Townsend and Century Media Records. Listen below:

Epicloud is out September 27th. Preorders are available at this location, and IT COMES WITH A TEDDY BEAR OMGOMG.

– JR

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