Well gosh golly, it seems these Canadians have run out of chaos and war to infuse through our aural cavities. The preview for the track Embers and Revelations wasn’t looking out to be very good and the full length song confirms it; It’s really, really bad. The riffs are about as uninspired and half assed as you can get. War metal was always supposed to be about pure aggression and chaos and this feels so tame and middling that’s its actually hard to listen to. Don’t even get me started on the horrible drumming and drum tone. Nothing about this song is a good start to this album and perhaps the move to Relapse is what influenced the decline, but we’ll never know and we can only hope that the whole album sees a major improvement over this track or a small scene of metal music will have lost one of its pillars.

Listen to said track over here (as if premiering on pitchfork wasn’t already a bad sign.) Embers and Revelations is slated to come out on the 9th of October, so I guess you could look out for it.


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