The most commonly asked question when listening to High On Fire‘s new album De Vermis Mysteriis is probably: ‘what the hell were they smoking?’

And now we know. Fertile greens. You’ve got to get your five a day somehow, and however it was done, it definitely workedDe Vermis Mysteriis is probably the most accomplished album they’ve released to date, stacked full of those signature colossal Pike riffs and an over-arching concept about Jesus’ time-travelling twin brother Balteazeen. The above NSFW video for ‘Fertile Green‘ gives off the exact trippy ‘exploitation film’ vibe that the album emanates and even seems like it harkens back those hazy days of Sleep, what with the psychedelic colour scheme and general smokiness. All this apparently coincides with Matt Pike’s exit from rehab (that originally caused the band to cancel their appearance on the Mayhem Festival tour), having curbed his drinking problem. Rehab ain’t easy so it’s good to hear Pike in high spirits and ready to continue where he left off!

– DL

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