The Chariot‘s One Wing is one of the more exciting releases coming down the pipeline, and the general public is getting their first taste of the record with the new track ‘in’. If you’re wondering why the band would have a song titled simply ‘in’, then you need to check out the tracklist:

01. Forget
02. Not
03. Your
04. First
05. Love.
06. Speak
07. in
08. Tongues
09. and
10. Cheek.

I believe I’ve said it before, but I’ve got to weigh my obsessive need for clean and proper ID3 tags against how unbelievably cool it is that The Chariot keeps putting poems in their tracklist.

Back on topic though, you can stream the track ‘in’ via Altpress, who has the exclusive stream. As you’d expect, the song is a killer slab of chaotic hardcore with enough groove and heart to really hit home. You’ll be able to hear it in context when One Wing drops August 28th on eOne/Good Fight Music.

– JR

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