Bloodstock is by far the best festival in the UK. Every year has an better line-up than the last and the atmosphere is so friendly and down to earth, that it’s hard to not return each and every time. However, this year it just didn’t work out for me and with a line up including NileBehemoth, Machine HeadDeicide and Alice Cooper, by the time August rolled around, I just had to resign myself to waiting for those bands to come around another time.

But thankfully this cloud had a silver lining, in the form of a live-stream of the main stage that would be showing nearly all the bands over the weekend. So while I didn’t get to camp in a puddle or drink way too much and do terrible karaoke to Pantera songs, I still managed to catch quite a few bands through the stream and, naturally, it wasn’t long before they ended up on YouTube. So here’s a collection of performances, more after the jump!

Big thanks to uploaders XxXxTomArayaxXxX, Controlmag and MirceaLkn!

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