Burning Love

Rotten Thing To Say

01. No Love
02. Karla
03. Superstitious Friend
04. The Body
05. Made Out of Apes
06. 12:31
07. Hateful Comforts
08. Tremors
09. Damage Case
10. Pig City I
11. Pig City II
12. Broken Glass

[Southern Lord]

This is what rock music is all about! Bluesy solos, catchy riffs and rocking choruses. Strangely enough though, Burning Love‘s sophomore effort is more of a hardcore album despite their rock undertones. In fact, this is the most effective use of an unending gauntlet of four chord songs and guitar solos (courtesy of all music ever) that I’ve heard in a long time.

The aim of the game of this quartet of charismatic Canadians is to deliver the misanthropic brand of hardcore that litters the genre in a fun rocking envelope. In fact, they manage to stay away from open chugs and chunky riffs for a large portion of the album and instead opt for more lead driven guitar work and bouncy pentatonic riffs. This allows all the generic hardcore riffs to be cleverly disguised as groundwork. Sometimes, we hear our guitarists playing two solos at once harmoniously with independent melodies which is a real treat. It’s not often we see bands with the balls to have two solos simultaneously. These solos are proudly featured on tracks ‘Hateful Comforts’, ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘The Body,’ and they slay!

Aside from the fantastic guitar work that make the album so entertaining, it’s worth mentioning that all of the musicians here pull their weight. Chris Colohan (ex-Cursed) is a one trick pony on vocals, but when the music is this good it’s hardly detracting. He knows how to turn a phrase and sing during moments that most vocalists would shut their mouths for. He doesn’t care if the guitarist is soloing or if there is an instrumental break or what have you (or maybe the guitarists just don’t care that he is singing). He’ll just yell to his hearts content with carefully constructed lyrics and a natural ability to sing for the song and not with it. Chris’s performance is nothing short of relentless; a contributing factor that pulls Rotten Thing to Say away from rock and into the realm of hardcore.

All of the songs are solid and have some redeeming qualities other than being completely awesome. Some have those intricate aforementioned guitar solos. Other tracks like ‘Karla’ rely on Colohan’s lyrical madness to drive the song. We have some instrumental tracks like the Intro and Outro that bookend the album and the sludgy ‘12:31′. The nostalgic half a minute blast of punk rock ‘Tremors‘ is visceral and head turning. Not to mention the crushing ‘Pig City’ and it’s sequel ‘Pig City II’ make for a great little cornerstone. This album is simply chock full of great songs. You’ll be hardpressed to find an album that fuses Rock and Hardcore together so well. So give it a spin!

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