Becoming The Archetype are one of the bands out there that continue to give Christian metal a good name. They’re skipped around the genre lines of metalcore, death metal, and prog through their whole career and still manage to always put out great music. Last year’s Celestial Completion wowed many of us with its world music influence, upping the ante quite a bit. Now with the band’s next record I AM forthcoming, the band are taking a step back and promise to stick to heavy and technical riff. Via the press release:

“I AM is 100% head banging riffs,” [guitarist Seth] Hecox says. “Gone are the sitars and horns of Celestial Completion. Instead, we’ve crafted an album full of the heaviest and most technical songs we’ve ever written.”

Of course just about every band in the realm of heavy music has said that at some point, but we’ll get to see if Hecox’s claim holds up with their new song ‘The Time Bender,’ which is sampled below:

Becoming the Archetype are asking fans to share the teaser to unlock the full track. 1000 views and shares combined will grant us the full track, and 3000 combined will unlock the track’s music video. If you want new BTA, I guess you’re going to have to work for it. The band’s new album I AM will be out September 18th on Solid State Records. The album’s tracklist is available after the jump!

1) The Ocean Walker
2) The Time Bender
3) The Eyes of the Storm
4) The Sky Bearer
5) The Machine Killer
6) The War Ender
7) The Weapon Breaker
8) The Planet Maker
9) The Sun Eater
10) I AM

– JR

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