The overlap in fans of metal and dubstep (or brostep, as it should be referred to most often these days) is pretty small. For those few of you who love the shit out of both, we may have stumbled onto your new obsession. Exotype gives their sound an industrial edge with deep wobbly synths and glitchy melodies that bring to mind the likes of Skrillex while writing actual catchy songs. The pairing of metal and electronic is old news of course; industrial has been around for ages and most recently The Browning and their dubstep influences have taken off in popularity. Even still, Exotype does the sound remarkably well from what I’ve heard so far. Just check out their new track ‘Ghost’ below.

It reminds me of Thomas Giles‘ ‘Catch & Release‘ with the heavy synth and the vocodor screams, so naturally, I’m sold. Visit the band on Facebook and prepare for their impending EP Emerge, which is due out this month.

– JR



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