Earlier this week, we told you about Devin Townsend‘s new crowd-sourced video for ‘Lucky Animals‘ where he calls upon the fans to film themselves performing to his new single. Today, the project’s official website is finally open! From the press release:

Alpha-Animal Devin Townsend wants you to be in his new video clip for “Lucky Animals” off his upcoming album Epicloud (due out September 18th in North America). In order to become part of the video, all you have to do is become an  animal and film yourself, your friends or family while performing to “Lucky Animals.” Be animalistic, be creative, be funny, be cute. But don’t be cruel. Dress up like your favourite animal, if you like– or film your own pet doing something funny (without hurting it or making it do something it doesn’t like! Any video with cruel content will be declined!), do mammal stuff, play animal charade, use stuffed animals to tell a story, etc.

Visit http://luckyanimals.insideoutmusic.com/ to find all details and instructions, plus a short video from Devin and a stream of “Lucky Animals.”

So go grab your cameras, grab your friends, grab some animals, and have a blast. Although, you may want to put on your thinking cap first; Devin set the bar pretty damn high.

You have until August 31st to enter and be in the new video! God speed!

– JR

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