Until I saw this, I didn’t know it was possible for someone to not only write the worst lyrics I’ve ever read, and “scream” for one of the worst bands in metal music, but to also be this big of an insensitive douchebag. Cold Soul is Frankie’s clothing line, which isn’t anything unusual. Many band members of various artists do so to provide some extra cash and keep it so they can do what they love and actually make money. That’s not the offensive part. What’s offensive are these three shirt designs. Just looking at them makes me uncomfortable, and I’m usually a sucker for shock value. After all, I have multiple Cannibal Corpse shirts, shirts with giant pentagrams that say “Born Again In Blasphemy”, etc. But these are just wrong.

The first has a picture of the Columbine shooters saying “Shoot First Ask Questions Later”. The second is from a scene in American History X and shows a white man blowing smoke in a black man’s face, with the text “Violence Is A Way Of Life”. The final one is a shirt with Arabic lettering saying “I Am A National Threat”, hinting at the ideology that Muslims are terrorists. Really Frankie? I mean shock is one thing, but these are just plain disrespectful. I hope you realize how big of an ass you made of yourself. Luckily, the shirts are no longer available, and Frankie kinda sorta made an apolo— oh wait, no he didn’t. If you thought people hated you before, then just wait; it’s gonna get way worse.


[via Metalsucks]


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