English black metal seems to be on the up lately. With bands like A Forest Of Stars, FenOld Corpse Road and Winterfylleth holding up the underground, it looks like we can all start getting over the fact that we were responsible for the creation of Cradle Of Filth!

Jabs aside, Mancunian four-piece Winterfylleth return in spectacular form with the new track ‘Void Of Light‘ from their upcoming album The Threnody Of Triumph, a caustic ripper of searing traditional black metal. It contains everything you could possibly want from their self-proclaimed ‘English Heritage Black Metal’, all wrapped in a swirling vortex of blastbeats and slowly morphing riffs. And while because of that descriptor the band has been involved in all manner of accusations of ‘racism’, at the heart of it, the music conjures up images of fog soaked forests and bitterly cold moors, exactly like that of the English countryside. You can get your copy of The Threnody Of Triumph when it drops September 10th through Candlelight Records.



– DL

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