People theorize Jim Morrison is still alive, while others strive to prove Paul McCartney died. Some people stay closer to believability and posit ideas about tours or upcoming albums. There’s always some wild speculation going around to some degree, and I’m presently guilty of it.

I think progressive metal legends Extol are coming back.

Extol have posted three trailers for “Extol Film” since the beginning of May. Each trailer is more revealing than the last, with the third (above) ending showing something peculiar. It briefly shows who appear to be Peter Espevoll (vocals), Ole Børud (guitar) and David Husvik (drums) in the studio preparing to track. The footage aroused the interest of a few YouTube commentors, but nothing more.

Here’s where my theory kicks in.

Extol created both Facebook and Twitter accounts on May 30th. Their Facebook’s pictures are only promos of the band during the Burial era, where the lineup consisted of Peter Espevoll, Ole Børud, Christer Espevoll, Eystein Holm, and David Husvik. With three of the five band members showing up in the third trailer, Christer leaving Benea Reach in 2008 and Eystein having no notable projects since Extol, let’s assume the reunion will be with this lineup.

So what about the other members? Tor Magne Glidje, Ole Halvard Sveen and John Robert Mjåland are currently active with Mantric on Prosthetic Records. As of July 8th, 2012, Mantric posted on Facebook that they will be writing new material. Emil Nikolaisen never recorded with the band, and has been involved with his project Serena-Maneesh since 1999. The only “active” member in the theorized Extol who still plays with another band is David Husvik, drumming for Dr. Midnight and the Mercy Cult. Fortunately, Dr. Midnight have not updated their site since June of 2011 and do not own either a Facebook page or Twitter account. This leads to the assumption of inactivity for whatever reasons.

As a side note, Extol’s official Twitter account only follows band members Peter and David. The rest of the Burial-era lineup do not have Twitter accounts, but other former members do.

Obviously all of this might be stitching together bits and pieces that really add up to nothing, and the Extol film is exactly what it says it is; a film. On the other hand, the Extol film might be the launching pad for a reunion with a new record and tour. The mysterious appearance of a Facebook and Twitter would make sense for just film promotion, but it seems like there is more thought put in to them than just that. Why not just leave the Facebook page with the film logo and nothing else? Why occasionally re-tweet fans wishing for a comeback? Why only like two posts on the Facebook page, one of which is asking for a comeback and the other reading in Danish “Her er der ugler i mosen” (being a figure of speech for something fishy going on)?

We’re being sold an Extol film, but maybe we’re getting more.

– GK

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