Slice The Cake‘s The Man With No Face was definitely a surprising record. Being the pessimist I am, I automatically assumed it would be another boring breakdown infused deathcore release. But an album that seemed so bad turned out to just be fucking killer. It’s been on constant rotation since it came out, and we here at the blog even thought it was a beautifully crafted metal record. With a sophomore album ahead, the curse of the “Sophomore Slump” is more prevalent than ever. Similarly to The Contortionist‘s Intrinsic, with such a great debut album, the follow-up is always the biggest challenge. What roads will they take? What sound will it have?

While they figure all that out, they have decided to feed our massive appetites for more Cake by releasing a collection of B-Sides. They want to make it clear that there aren’t any rough demos of tracks on their first record; this is purely songs that nobody but the bands has heard before, in their true form. Good thing, too; nothing makes me more annoyed than to buy a B-Sides release and hear 4 new songs with about 15 demo version of 3 songs. Here’s the update:

Hey guys!

We’re all currently hard at work on the new StC release, and with no delays in the foreseeable I think it’s ok to let a few little bits of info out of the bag.

While we figure out what the next “actual” Slice the Cake release will sound like, we decided to put out a collection of B-sides, ambient pieces, demos that have been reworked, maybe even a few covers, along with a few brand new songs. Don’t worry, we’re not just going to stick a bunch of rough versions of previously released tracks together, all of this will be unreleased, brand new recordings. And it WILL be another full album, not an EP. I think that should keep you all happy for a while. :)

As the band said themselves, “Other Slices will be coming to a bakery near you on Dec 21st 2012!”

– SS


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