Sumerian are super tight when it comes to their new releases lately. They’ve been combating leaks and piracy in a big way by avoiding promos and streams. So far it’s actually been working, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone ever. I mean, the new The Faceless record comes out less than two weeks and they haven’t given us a single stream yet for an album version of any track so far. It’s safe to say that this record likely won’t leak until there’s a stream somewhere or until pre-orders ship.

Some would argue that not giving fans a chance to check out some of the material before release is going to really hurt first week sales. After all, getting fans to buy records is hard enough, especially if you don’t give them something to go on outside of the band’s legacy. Sumerian have just given us a bit of music to chomp at though, and it certainly sounds promising, showing The Faceless go for somewhat Opeth-style progressive death metal. It’s not much, but it certainly rouses excitement.

The Faceless’ Autotheism is due out August 14th on Sumerian Records. Chances are, it will kick ass.

– JR

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