Exotic Animal Petting Zoo‘s new release Tree Of Tongues is one of those unique albums that slowly worms its way in with each subsequent listen. Initially there’s a whole mess of sounds happening all at once and it can get quite confusing, but slowly as you pick your way through the layers you start to find everything is intentional and Tree Of Tongues becomes the most beautiful mess you’ve ever seen.

Thorough. Modern‘ could easily be seen as a mission statement for the band — that quirky and energetic hardcore is there and pushed to the very forefront but the band also finds it’s self in the introspective and delicate arms of post-rock  quite quickly. But such a great track needs an equally great video accompaniment and thankfully this sets up to the plate. I won’t bother talking too much about it because I really implore you to see it for yourself, but you have to wonder why Mediaskare have been sitting on this since January (or at least, that’s when the video was uploaded). I understand the album was pushed back numerous times so it’s probably to coincide with the release but even now the video is unlisted in YouTube search, which isn’t exactly helpful for getting the band out there. Regardless, it’s here now, it slays and the band must be breathing a sigh of relief that people are finally getting to witness it.

– DL


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