Century Media seems to be the current home to djent, with a large chunk of their latest string of signings over the last two years being djent-oriented. Come to think of it, Tesseract, Periphery [for EU release], Monuments, Vildhjarta, and Stealing Axion [via Century subsidiary Inside Out Records] all call Century Media home. Now joining their ranks is Serbian group Destiny Potato (featuring Heavy Blog favorite David Maxim Micic on guitar), who have just announced their signing and have released a rough mix of their new song ‘Dark Side Of You.’ You can hear it above.

What strikes me as odd is that the band was formed just last year and were in talks of being signed after their very first show. From the press release:

Officially formed in the spring of 2011, DESTINY POTATO mastermind, David Maxim Micic and singer Aleksandra Djelmas had been writing and recording songs together since they were 16. When the organizers of the annual Euroblast Festival reached out to Maxim about playing the 2011 edition of the fest, they originally wanted him to perform solo, but he convinced them to add DESTINY POTATO instead. What he didn’t tell them was there was no actual band. When the organizers agreed to add them, Maxim and Djelmas assembled one, featuring a popular Serbian singer Ana Maglica as a second vocalist and drummer Milan Yeqy, and performed their first ever show in front of a sold out crowd. In attendance were representatives of Century Media Records, who spoke to the band and later signed them to a worldwide deal.

This is no offense to Destiny Potato, as they show some promise, but doesn’t it seem a bit hasty to jump the gun and sign a band within a year of their first formation and their first live show? Century Media must be confident that they’re going to be money makers, and with a pop/djent sort of sound, it’s likely they will be given the right push. What are your thoughts?

Destiny Potato are working on their debut album, which should be out early 2013.

– JR

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